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Field Description

Server Type

  • Linux(Unix), Windows (Not currently tested in Windows)
  • Set to Linux until further notice

Site Open

  • Each step contains a sub-step setting. For example, if you leave the status 'Only Members Access', both membership and post writing will be blocked.
  • Normal : Default value.
  • Block sign-up : New members will be blocked. Other functions on the website work normally.
  • Members Only : Access to member-only pages is blocked. Members who have already joined can use the service normally.
  • Block write : Unable to create new post. However, you are allowed to view posts.
  • Admin Only: Site access is allowed only by the administrator. Please use it to reorganize the site.

Basic (SSL) 2nd Domain

  • By default, 'www'.
  • If you use a portion of a domain that belongs to a school, work, or organization, it becomes a secondary domain.
  • Not enough consideration has been made for applying secondary domains yet.

SSL used

  • You have to own an SSL certificate. If you can start your homepage with https, you can set it to Enabled.
  • 'All used' requires Wildcard SSL. This is not the case for most individual users.

SSL Port

  • The default port is 443.
  • If you are using the webhosting service, you must use the port specified by the webhosting company.

Custom Bulletin board

  • Apart from the main bulletin board in PAGE2, you can apply the bulletin board module yourself.
  • A concept that codes bulletin boards directly based on the framework or uses modules created by others.
  • Custom bulletins can be created without any restrictions on table creation, user interface, and so on.

Clean URL

  • Clean URL is easy to memorize and is a type that search engine likes.
  • You have to be able to make the relevant settings in the config file on the web server. (.htaccess, etc..)
# common url
# Clean URL

Block continuous sign up on the same ip

  • This function prevents members from attempting membership with malicious intent.

Run admin menu only on specified ip.

  • You want to run administrator privileges only on the specified ip address (for security reasons).
  • 'adminip.txt' file required in folder 'p2-data/_page'
# adminip.txt example   # Only 1 ip (or ip band) can be entered per line
192.168.   # Allow entire 'B class' IP band

Allow admin menu on staff

  • Use if you want to delegate administrator privileges to the management team.

if admin not sign-in, how long into 'protect mode'. (unit:days) : Site Auto protect

  • If the administrator (including the operating staff) does not log in for a specified period of time, the site automatically enters a 'write-protected' state.
  • When an administrator logs in, the site is automatically reterned to 'Normal'.
  • This feature helps prevent advertising or spam postings.
  • 'Administrator log files' location : p2-data/logs/sys/admin.log

JWT confirmation cycle(min)

  • JWT(Json Web Token) : Token to keep you logged in.
  • When there is no operation after logging in, it is converted to the locked state after a specified time.
  • If a PIN code is not set, you are automatically logged out.
  • The recommended value is 45 minutes.

JWT excpiration period(day)

  • Valid for the specified date from the JWT issuance date.

Applied JWT Type

  • This is the random number file type required for JWT analysis.
  • JWT random number file location : p2-data/sess
JWT Create
  • Regenerate random number files required for JWT interpretation.
  • Except for the currently checked type, only the remaining types are regenerated.
  • To log out all users who have already been logged in, follow the steps below.
    • Change the type being applied and click 'Confirm'.
    • Click 'JWT Create'

Server time zone

PAGE2 Run mode

  • Normal : Default operating mode.
  • Developer : Program Developer Mode. Most of the system protection functions are inoperative.
  • Demo: Allow various functions of the system even when you are not logged in (currently under test, not yet complete).