about PAGE2..

PAGE2 is a web build tool for family friendly posting.

PAGE2 was developed with the most emphasis on scalability.

Powerful membership management.
  - support unique integrated login system. : Related sites can be grouped.
  - We are support third-party logins. : Google, Naver, etc.

Support mobile platforms and multi-language.

PAGE2.kr Release Notice

Cefalu 2.1.2030 Version released.
- Change the manager field in the bulletin board settings table (tb0_bbs) to 80 characters.
- Error patch indicating number of views in bulletin board list.
- Design changes for subdomain separation (will be implemented for use in the next version)

'PIN code' applied to JWT token.
- If there is no action for a certain period of time, user permissions will be limited (locked) The lock status can be released by PIN code.

The 'image button' has been applied on the bulletin board and web page screens.
- ex: (List) (Edit) (preview)

Meta tag used by PAGE2 has been extended.
- ex: tag#, svg#, url#..

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PAGE2.kr Web FrameWork.

Cefalu 2.1.2030 Version Released.

PAGE2 version name is referred to cities around the world.