Opening PAGE2...

Based on experience (program development, homepage operation..) I have created a framework that will help small homepage operators. It seems like 20 years has passed since the internet world was opened beyond PC communication. In the meantime, Cyworld's collapse signals the decline of the homepage and the age of Blog, Café, and SNS. Still, someone has a reason to create an independent homepage.

PAGE2 is a web build tool for family-friendly posting. Designed to support mobile platforms and multilinguals. Provides HTML bulletin boards to support strong membership, mail authentication, and image& file uploads. It also supports integrated login unique to PAGE2. We are also responding to integrated login from Naver, Kakao, and Google.

PAGE2 was built with the help of an external library. It is designed based on bootstrap, a mobile-first, reactive Web tool. It is combined with open sources such as PHPMailer, GoogleAuthenticator, and so on. Without the help of this great external library, PAGE2 could not have been created. Thank you to the programmers and site operators for your help.

It's a happy thing to think about and make something. if it is not a means to earn a living It's all the more so when it comes to pure love. I hope those who like to think about and make will join me in the happy event.

My beloved daughter's 00th birthday (6.18), Programmer J.