Text Editor

NotePad++ is recommended.

Required when editing the installation information file.

  • Set editing files to UTF-8 (no BOM), Windows (CR LF) format.
  • UNIX format is also allowed.

Browser with HTML5 support

Google Chrome is recommended.

Required for webpage access when installing PAGE2.

PAGE2 Setup Files

All installation files described below are distributed in the 'Download' menu.

  • The distribution files are in zip format.
  • Unzip .zip file to create .tar files.
  • Installation description is based on the .tar files.

All installation files must be located in the account home directory.

  • Note that it is not a HTML Home directory.

1. Shell Script

  • page2-make.sh : Unzip the .tar files and to help to install PAGE2.
  • Setting the authorities to 700 (rwxr-xr-x) is recommended.
  • Needed for upgrading PAGE2. Don't delete it.

2. Program Compression Files

  • page2.tar : Install PAGE2 program.
  • tar files are automatically deleted after execution.

3. Initial Structural Settings File

  • page2-init.tar : Create the folder structure required to run PAGE2.
  • Contains a routine to delete an existing PAGE2 folder if it is already presented.
  • If you install PAGE2 for the first time, you only need to run it once.
  • tar files are automatically deleted after execution.

4. Self-diagnosis of the environment

  • p2-test.php : Self-diagnose the environment for PAGE2 execution.
  • Delete the file after check your environment is not automatically deleted.

PAGE2 Installation Environment.

O/S: CentOS 7.x

php: php 5.6.x or higher (7.x recommended)

db: mysql 5.5.x-MariaDB

Webserver: Apache/2.4.6 and nginx/1.16.x

HTML5 & CSS3 Support browser

Browser with HTML5

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft edge

Internet Explorer does not properly support HTML5.

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