Install PAGE2 (Summary)

Familiarize yourself with the installation manual.

Please read the installation manual first.

Installation Manual (Click)


Download the page2-[VERSION].zip file from page2.kr.

If you are the first time in PAGE2, you also have to download the 'page2-init.zip'.

  • Page2-init.zip only needs to be applied once during initial installation.


  • Unzip page2-[VERSION].zip file to PC to create page2.tar.
  • Unzip page2-init.zip file to PC to create page2-init.tar.
  • Upload these files to the account home folder in your server.
  • Unzip page2.tar by running page-make.sh.


If you have page2-init.tar, unzip it with page2.tar. (Auto)

  • When running page-make.sh.
  • If page2-init.tar is present, all folders are initialized.
  • If you are already operating your homepage with PAGE2, delete page2-init.tar.


Making entire website with PAGE2.

  • The HTML Document Root has index.php.
  • If you go to the your website, the installation screen will load automatically.

Using only some specific features of PAGE2

  • Disable index.php for HTML Document Root.
  • Installation screen is loading automatically accessing the homepage URL/p2.php.
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